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"If you talk to the animals
They will talk to you
and you will know each other.
If you do not talk to them,
You will not know them,
And what you do not know
You will fear.
What one fears one destroys."
- Chief Dan George

BCWS Educational Programs

Black Creek Wildlife Station presents 10-12 educational programs a year. Sometimes these programs are simply an exchange of questions and answers, as it is for the several "Fairs" that we have in this area. At other times, several factors are weighed in such as the age of the audience (we present to all age groups). For pre-schools we try to make the presentation short and loaded with visual stimuli. As the ages go up, as in elementary schools, we try to make the presentations suitable for grades K-6. Some teachers request that we touch on things that their classes are studying. When we are presenting to older children (scouts, wildlife caretakers etc.) we talk with the leaders to see how we can taylor it to their groups. We also go into nursing homes and present the wildlife in a way that most will understand. We take our animals in closer to compensate for losses in sight and hearing. As it often happens, the groups themselves seem to lead the program as evidenced by their questions. We do like that! When planning a program, we try to bring most of our educational animals. Right now we have two Great Horned Owls, One Red-tailed Hawk, an Eastern Gray Squirrel and a Virginia Opossom. All of our educational animals are with us on a permanent basis because for various reasons, they are unable to be released back into the wild.

Anyone who is interested in scheduling a program, Please call Gary Zimmerman @ (585) 293-3221







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