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"If you talk to the animals
They will talk to you
and you will know each other.
If you do not talk to them,
You will not know them,
And what you do not know
You will fear.
What one fears one destroys."
- Chief Dan George

Here Comes Winter

As winter approaches, wildlife may depend on those who have feeding stations throughout the year. Getting ready for this time of year can mean cleaning feeders, trips to the store for seed and maybe even putting in a birdbath. As we have suggested previously, clean feeders with a 10% solution of bleach and water and allow them to air dry. Remember to quickly douse plastic feeders to prevent them from deterioration. When deciding which birds you want to attract, talk with the storeowners. We have found that Higbie Farm Supplies, at 3440 Union St., North Chili (under the overpass) has excellent choices of food. All of their employees are knowledgeable about what food attracts particular birds. They also have a selection of birdbaths, both heated and unheated. If there were no open water in your area, a birdbath would be very useful. If you do choose to purchase one, you will begin to notice more of a variety than you generally expect. You will begin to see passerines (perching birds), Blue Jays, Nut Hatches and the various species of Hawks that live in our area. For those who like to go to the creeks and lakes in our region for the purpose of feeding the waterfowl, use whole grain bread, cracked corn, and game and turkey pellets, rather than white bread alone. It’s much more nutritious. Here is one last bit of information: If your feeder runs out, for whatever the reason, birds are aware of at least five feeding stations within their area. It may take them some time to return to yours, but they will!

Submitted by Trish Zimmerman






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